Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snow Trip

We went up to Flagstaff this weekend to play in the snow. We had lots of fun up there in the cold. Kaylee did not care too much for the snow, but loved the hotel room. JJ had lots of fun in the snow going sleding, building a snowman, and throwing snowballs at Matthias. We also had the joy of getting stuck in the snow. We tried to pull off the main road and apparently there was not room to do that and the right side of the car was down in the snow. It seriously look like we were going to tip over. A nice lady stopped to try to help, but thought we should call a tow truck because she thought we would tip over also. And then guess what happened... a tow truck just came along. We luckily had a hook on the back of our car and he pulled us out. We were so lucky!! Even with that and Kaylee crying most the time in the snow we had a really good time.


Smith Family said...

What a scary car situation! Thank heavens everything worked out with the tow truck! What a fun little trip! Breck and I went up there to the snow when we were newly married and had a fun time! We were actually on our way to the Grand Canyon but got snowed in there!

Mike said...

they look so cute and it does look like Kaylee is sledding by herself.

Jana said...

Ahh! I think we have missed our opportunity to have a snow trip this year! Growing up in Flag I always laughed at the people who came up to see snow but now I'm one of them! Glad you had fun! Cute pics!