Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun at the Park

We went to the park for a little playgroup with people from my ward. It s a nice little park with a little stream. The kids had most fun at the stream. As you can see Grant was having way too much fun in the swing. He actually really enjoyed it. I found a different park from this one that was really cool. Lots of fun things. There was a woodpecker actually pecking the tree. Ive never seen one in real life so that was really fun for me. And it made me think why does it do that to the tree's? things are going very well here. Been very cold this last week. Registered my car with Alabama and it was $200 less than AZ a year, car insuranceis $22 less a month, pest service is $35 less every 3 months, water is about $10 less a month. I like that. However milk is $3 a gallon, thats the only thing I think that we really use that is a lot more than AZ.


Mike said...

Thanks for the pictures and stories.

Amanda said...

enjoyed the update. keep them coming.