Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Opelika had a really good 4th of July celebration on July 1. They had bouncer's for the kids, which JJ and Kaylee loved. They also had 4 sky divers who landed on the baseball filed right next to the football field we were on. That was pretty cool. They gave out free flags and Popsicles. The fireworks were really good. We were so close to them. As soon as the first one went off JJ got out of his seat and started running behind us and away. He thought the fireworks were going to get him. I had to go get him and have him sit on my lap, but still he wasn't sure if he was safe. We had a really good time!


Mike said...

good pictures. The first one looks like Kaylee has that pudding face in the commercials

Amanda said...

super fun!