Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of school

JJ and Kaylee had their first day of school today. They were both so excited. JJ really wants to ride the bus, so Im letting him do that. However, the bus did not come this morning which made things very hectic. I drove him to school and he made it right on time. I called the school and he is all set up to take the bus from now on. The bus driver stopped by the house this late morning to say sorry she missed him. She is a really nice older lady and her stopping by made me feel a lot better about him taking the bus. Kaylee had so much fun at school. Their was no crying. She was good and was fine with me leaving. Everything went pretty well today!


Amanda said...

yay school! is kaylee in kindergarten? they look so grown up

Cole Family 4 said...

No Kaylee is in preschool. She loves it! Is Abigail loving knidergarten?